SWAT team conduct security drill on E China train.

SWAT team conduct security drill on E China train
A SWAT team in Nanjing, east China’s Jiangsu Province, conducted a drill on a high-speed train on Sunday, preparing for possible security scares during the Chinese New Year travel rush.
The 40-day peak travel period around Chinese New Year sees the largest annual mass migration on the planet, with millions traveling home or to tourist spots. It presents a major challenge to the public transport network and makes trains and train stations prime targets for terrorist attacks.
SWAT team members were ordered to detain a suspect who had taken explosive goods on the train and safely dispose of the explosives.
The drill was divided into six steps, including evacuating passengers, investigation of the scene with sniffer dogs, detaining the suspect and removing explosive goods.
The Nanjing railway police department said the exercise was designed to improve officers’ ability to cope with unexpected situations such as customer riots and terrorist attacks.


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