This week on Sands Of Time, Zee World drama series

This week on Sands Of Time
Nethra and Shekhar leave for their honeymoon but Shekhar feels uneasy. Gyanchand decides to give all his shares to Jia. Nethra plots to ensure hers is the only grandchild the Pandey family gets. Jia joins the family business.
Shekhar's car is tampered with and Jia and Nethra end up using it to the office. The two are involved in an accident and Nethra takes advantage of Jia's unconsciousness for her evil plans.
Savitri continues to create unhappiness in the house. Shekhar sees the man that was outside his office. The doctor warn the family against telling Jia about her baby.

Today's Episode On King Of Hearts, Zee World drama series.

Gyanchand wants to punish the culprit at all cost. Nethra decides to make Jia's life difficult. Jia finds a child in the temple and thinks the baby is hers.
Jia wants to send some clothes for the baby from the temple. Shekhar meets the child’s father and he reveals something that gets Shekhar thinking. Manas uncovers the truth about Jia's baby.


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