Friday On Reach For The Stars

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Tai leaves Kalpana with her father Vitthal to cherish his mood. Neetu Kapoor gets annoyed after Mr Kapoor invites his client for dinner. Neetu Kapoor decides to stop Kamala Tai back home in order to serve the guests. Vitthal gets annoyed after Kamala Tai sends a bottle of milk for Kalpana through Mr Kapoor's driver.
Neetu Kapoor gets jealous after the guests admire Kamala Tai for her work and her concern towards Paaki. Vitthal relives Kamala Tai by assuring her of taking a job for his family. Kamala Tai gets worried watching Neetu, inappropriately oil-massaging Paaki by watching a video tutorial. Kamala Tai hence, massages Kalpana in order to give a proper demo to Neetu Kapoor after Neetu refuses to handover Paaki to Kamala Tai. Neetu hence, follow Kamala Tai and gets appreciation from her mother in law, in return.
Mr Singhania's son Raghav, decides to avenge his father's murder. Kamala Tai saves Paaki from falling from Neetu's grip when she is half asleep. Mr Sahil Kapoor gets annoyed on Neetu after watching her unnecessarily insulting Kamala Tai. Vitthal surprises Kamala Tai by decorating the house on their anniversary.


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