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Young Dreams series
Young Dreams series

Friday On Young Dreams
Gunjan asks Rachna if she wants to participate Rachna says yes and goes to admire the beautiful trophy. Rachna is limping and even Chaya asks her if she will run, Rachna is positive and they make fun of each other.
Vihaan is observing Rachna, his friends taunt him. Rachna is laughing and he says she will cry after losing. Gunjan is tying her laces, Rajeev comes and asks her how she is and wishes her luck, they shake hands. Gunjan thanks him and he says she should have said this after winning the trophy on the stage. He asks her where Rachna is. Rachna is wearing T-shirt and shorts standing in front of the mirror boosting herself. Chaya is happy Rachna is not wearing salwar kameez. Chaya goes back to take her mobile, Vihaan is boasting in front of his friends that no one deserved this title after him. He sees Rachna from the back walking in shorts and refers to her as sexy legs. He sees Chaya running and says its loudspeaker Chaya and curious to know who the girl is. He says excuse me and is shocked to see Rachna imagines her in salwar. He says you, Rachna answers no Rachna's ghost. She insults him that if he wants to mentor her he should forget about it. Vihaan is impressed that Rachna is shocking him every day. Rachna applies spray on her feet. Chaya enquires about her leg. Rachna says it would be nice to get a pain killer. Chaya runs and collides with a male teacher who gives her dirty looks and checks her out.
Gunjan wants Rachna to go to a doctor. The man meets Rajeev and he refers to him as Mr Sharma . He is shocked to see him on the ground the man says this time the winner will be a girl and Rajeev agrees and looks at Gunjan. Rajeev comes and Gunjan complains that Rachna has a sprain. Rajeev says Rachna is a sports person and asks if she can run. Rachna says she can and asks Gunjan if she does not want her to run as it will decrease the competition. Gunjan leaves, a man comes to Rachna and gives her coffee. He points that vihaan sent it. There is a written note that the black coffee is good for the race. Rachna takes it and dumps everything. Vihaan's friends are asking why he is doing all this mentoring stuff and he says Rachna is not his type and he is doing this so Gunjan looses. After all enemy's enemy is a friend and he knows Rachna and Gunjan are not on talking terms.
Shayl enters Mayank's room and is very happy about his job. Charu comes and pressurises Mayank to wear her choice of clothes and even Shayl supports her. Charu thanks Shayl for supporting her marriage. The competition is declared open and first the boys run. The girls start running. Vihaan cheers Rajeev checking time. Rachna is unable to run, Vihaan is concerned. Rachna is the last person, she remembers everyone calling her behenji and how vihaan rejected her and decides she needs to win. She overtakes Gunjan, vihaan is happy but suddenly she falls down. Both Rajeev, vihaan and the entire crowd are shocked. She gets up and sees the finish board and runs like there is no tomorrow and falls after the crossing line. Her first question to Gunjan Chaya is if she is in the winning race. Chaya goes to Rajeev to enquire and comes back . Rachna has tears in her eyes as Chaya shakes her head says the other girl who was running with her was ahead of her. Rachna is shattered. She asks if she did not qualify for the race in top sixteen. The first sixteen boys are called. A teacher comes and calls Gunjan and Chaya as well. Rachna is shattered and sees Chaya and Gunjan on the field. She is about to run off Chaya and Gunjan tell her its just a race but Rachna runs away that she wants to be alone. Vihaan is upset, his friend tells him why is he behaving like devdas and he can mentor some other girl against Gunjan. Vihaan says he appreciates her spirit that she didn't give up till the end and put up a good show. Rachna in the changing room scolding herself that she is not good for anything, could not qualify for a simple race and is sitting on the floor angry with herself.
Gunjan and Chaya try to convince Rajeev that Rachna can't lose. He says even sachin tendulkar can be out on duck and its not her day today. A boy comes up to Gunjan and shows he recorded the race on the phone and in that Rachna crosses the finish line before the other girl. Rajeev says he will check the footage again.
Seema, sangeeta are already celebrating Rachna's victory and ask Shayl if she is making kheer for her. They say its bad for Gunjan but Shayl says anyone can win and she is more concerned about her leg. Shayl calls Rachna who picks up Charu on the phone asks Rachna if she came first or second . Seema says Rachna can't come second. Shayl also asks how her leg is, Rachna in tears cuts the phone.
Rachna qualifies. Gunjan wants to go to the office to find out about leaving college after first semester/term. Rajeev tells her instead of running away she should face her problems and find solutions for it. He says everyone has problems including him and that’s why he doesn’t want her to make this mistake. When Gunjan asks him what mistake, he is silent then just tells her not today, some other day and walks away.
At home Rachna is telling everyone about the race and explains what’s next in the competition. Shayl tells her first thing in the morning they’re going to see a doctor but Rachna refuses saying she’s fine and she needs to practice for the hurdle race which is in 2 days time.
Mayank comes back from his first day at his job and answers Seema’s and Dayal’s questions about his job. Charu tells him she has planned a surprise for him and to go freshen up. Upon entering the room, he sees candles all over and rose petals on the bed. Charu comes in starts singing and lighting the candles then tries to seduce him. As she hugs him, he is thinking about Gunjan. He then stops Charu and says that he’s tired and he’ll freshen up, eat and go to sleep. Charu asks him why he keeps pushing her away and what is wrong with her? Mayank tells her there’s nothing wrong with her, but she insists there is and wants to know what it is. She tells him that she keeps trying to get close to him but he keeps pushing her away. Mayank tells her he’s tired and he needs time to give her the answers to all her questions. She asks him how much time does he need and what does he need to think about? She’s not some 2 year old child that when you give a toffee will just keep quiet. She says that she’s still at the place where she was on their first night as a married couple. Mayank tells her to try and understand that he himself don’t know what he should or should not do.
Rachna wakes up as her foot is hurting. Gunjan too wakes up and sees her. She scolds her that her foot is swollen then helps her to sit on the bed. She then proceeds to put pain reliver spray and bandage the foot. While doing this she tells Rachna she don’t understand why Rachna is so insistent on taking part in the competition when her foot is like that. She says health comes first and if anything serious happen to her foot then what. She tells Rachna she’s crazy and says that first thing in the morning they’re going to see a doctor and if the doctor says to rest she’s going to rest…competition/FOTY or not nothing is more important than her health. Rachna tells Gunjan, is it? and what about your health? During practice, who was it who fainted? So you also should have left the competition then, why must I leave? so that it’ll be easier for you to win this competition, right?


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