Happy valentine day from Miss Nigeria

Happy valentine form Miss Nigeria
Miss Nigeria 2016
Give Freely and Your Heart Shall be Filled! As the day goes by I have experienced a lot joy in visiting my alma mater, compassion when listening to the experience of widows at the widows day event held by @zaroncosmetics and gratitude that I have not known the pain most people go through on a daily basis.. I want to thank Miss Nigeria Organization for the opportunity I have to see the REAL world, I want to thank God for his continued grace and love in my life.
For me this valentine has been about sharing, connecting and caring. I have found out that valentine is not just celebrating love with your spouse, boo or family but it's about spreading all the love you have out and so far that it causes a ripple effect in the lives of those around you. So today I charge you to go out there and touch a life, it can be through philanthropy, generosity or just a good ol' smile given to someone who has no more left to give. Give something this season and you will be amazed at how much of a difference it will make.
Till next time I remain yours truly Chioma Obiadi, Miss Nigeria 2016 XOXO


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