Inspiring story from Juliet Ibrahim- A must read

Juliet Ibrahim
Juliet Ibrahim
Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it's inspiring. Once upon a time, i was a young girl struggling to make ends meet and while running my modeling agency I was called to provide models for the Glo Caf awards being held in Accra; well, myself and a few ladies were picked to be the ushers of the event; 

sadly I wasn't even chosen to be among the ladies who will usher guests seated in the auditorium; my models and I were appointed to smile at the guests arriving outside and redirect them to the other models that will be responsible for them in the auditorium. I was still excited about my work; I did my job; got paid and added it to my CV with my big dreams of some day becoming the superstar that I had always dreamt of.

 Then I got called and chosen to host the Glocaf awards 2015!!! i thought OMG 😲 this can't be real! I did what I knew best and I confidently conquered the stage and the hearts of many; I was proud of myself.

 Today; that same smile i wore proudly by just being an usher is going to be used on billboards etc as a Proud Glo Ambassador Not just lucky I'mblessed. A few people know my story and they can testify that hard work and determination does pay off! Everything I have become today; I earn and God's grace and favor is upon me #2017 my God hasn't even started yet. I thank Everyone of you for your well wishes and as I smile, may you smile along. amen


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