Aditya's arrival in the family cherishes the mood of all the family members, Tuesday On Young Dreams

Tuesday On Young Dreams
Tuesday On Young Dreams

Tuesday 7th March 2017 On Young Dreams
Aditya's arrival in the family cherishes the mood of all the family members. Aditya says he is not scared of his pocket rocket. Gunjan says really and they stare at each other. Aditya checks out Gunjan from top to bottom and says hi Gunjan. She asks him what he called her. Aditya says she has started looking nice. Everyone is amazed listening to their conversation and Dholu is angry. Aditya teases Gunjan as he scares her saying rocket and makes a loud noise Gunjan tells him there is a lizard and he starts jumping on the sofa. Everyone laughs. Dholu places the toy on the floor and Aditya slips but Gunjan holds him. Mayank sees this and is hurt while Charu is happy. Aditya is thankful as he did not fall on Gunjan as everyone would call him gira hua then. Akash praises Aditya but he keeps staring at Gunjan then he says he is hungry and Shail tells him that is good. Gunjan is told to show him the room and Mayank is standing there. Aditya introduces himself while Gopal introduces Mayank to him and they both shake hands. Charu hugs Mayank's arm and introduces herself. Aditya goes up while everyone is furious with Charu. Mayank walks away and Rachna starts screaming at Charu but Shail shuts her up that guests are at home and tells her to arrange the table. Mayank on the other hand, is lost in Gunjan's thought and stay disturbed and hurt after losing Gunjan and then his job due to his criminal record as the company policy says he can't have a police record. He thinks how can he tell his family and will only tell them once he gets a new job. He thinks it's because of him that his parents had to go to jail at this age. Mayank is frustrated and he hears his father's voice and he hides the letter. Prabhu tells him to come down for dinner and he refuses. Prabhu convinces him but Mayank is worried about the termination letter in the drawer. Rachna does not want to serve Aditya but Shail convinces her. He asks Shail to sit with them. Aditya impresses the Gargs and other family members on various intervals. Aditya says his parents will be coming to India soon. Mayank and Prabhu come and sit. Mayank and Gunjan have an eyelock. Aditya says his parents want to move to India and he is searching for a place for them. His business is in Australia so he won't be able to stay with his parents and asks Gunjan to pass the salad. Gunjan and Mayank get disturbed after having an accidental contact with each other at the dinner table as they both reach for the plate at same time. Charu interrupts them and Gunjan passes the plate. Dholu is angry and Aditya keeps praising the food.
Aditya says he can't eat anymore as his stomach will burst. Gunjan tells him she can make pudina chach. Gunjan and Aditya keep talking while Mayank and Dholu are upset. Aditya tells Gunjan that both of them will cook and give party to everyone. Dholu drops a glass of water on Aditya and Sangeeta scolds him and Dholu says he won't apologize. Aditya wants to wash his hands and Gunjan says she will show him around. TUM ho songs play in the background. Bua says their jodi is nice and Shail agrees and Mayank gets up from the table. Charu however stays happy by watching Aditya and Gunjan's immense increase of bond and togetherness as everything is happening as she wants.
Gunjan and Rachana discuss about the broken threads of Gunjan's previous relationship and the happiness, of her soon to be marriage with Aditya. Rachna tells Gunjan that she likes Aditya and even Gunjan agrees. Akash is happy. Aakash informs Gunjan's approval of marrying with Aditya to Shail and Dayal. Gunjan talks to Aditya's mother on phone and Shail is in tears that Gunjan will be leaving soon. She is happy for Gunjan and Charu too is really happy. Shail wants to clean Aditya's room but he refuses her. He tells Rachna that you are my soon to be sister in-law so I want a favour from you, he wants to go to market with her. Charu goes to give Mayank kheer and Mayank on the other hand, gets furious after Charu informs him about Gunjan and Aditya's approval of marrying each other and he throws the bowl on the floor and tells her that if Gunjan goes out or not but she will go out. Charu says she won't go out of the room ever then Mayank says he will go out. He sees Gunjan in the hallway and he tells her about the man of her dreams. She asks him but he tells her don't spoil your mood for me as you took your decision and dont worry for me. He says he does not want her advise and goes to sleep on the terrace. Akash sees this that Gunjan is in tears. Charu gets a call from her mother and she shares the news that Gunjan is getting married and she is happy about it. Charu's mother talks about some baba who knows hypnotism and tantra mantra and tells her to write the address down. Charu finds Mayank's termination letter and is happy that she will not need any baba. Mayank still on the terrace but unable to sleep, Akash comes he tells that he wants financially independent liberal guy for Gunjan and tells Mayank that he lost his chance with Gunjan so since it's not working out with Charu, he offer to respect Gunjan's decision and advices Mayank to let Gunjan peacefully start a new beginning of her life and also tells him to move on. Mayank says Aditya will keep her financially stable but can he keep her happy. He says it's her marriage but was Gunjan asked even once. Akash says I know her very well and my responsibilities as well and you look after yours ie your marriage and he says some emotional dialogue. Mayank apologizes and says it's not his business. He goes to his room but Charu does not let him take the key and he snatches is out of her game. Mayank gets depressed, going out of the house. Gunjan asks where he is going but he does not answer and later leaves his house at the midnight. Akash looks on.
Gunjan thinks if her father said something to Mayank, she asks her father what was he doing on the terrace alone, he says he is not a kid. Gunjan asks her father if he said something to Mayank and she becomes upset but Akash says I am your father and know what is best for you so there was no need as she moved on and said yes to Aditya. Mayank feels sad after hearing Gunjan and her father's discussion of her approval to marry Aditya. Akash says I can be your father not your Mother and he just wants her to be happy. He tells her that she should not say yes under emotional pressure and it's no use crying over a guy who rejected her. Mayank hears everything. Mayank going on his bike while Gunjan comes to her room Tu mujhe chod jaaye yeh nahi ho sakta saathiya song plays in the background. Mayank in some forest smoking, he remembers the and past both are sad missing each other. Gunjan sees a photo and says no one can snatch the memories but time has come to let this go and tears it.
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