Dating and courtship: after landing a partner,control your romantic blood

Dating and courtship
Dating and courtship
Good people,after landing a partner,control your romantic
blood,don't allow it to boil beyond the temperatures you
cannot control,You see,at this stage you are almost salivating 
to taste romantic cake.

Before tasting and salivating,you need
to read your partner like a book.Remember you
might end up marrying a man eater.To discover your
partner's conduct and character,time is very
important.remember here your not dealing with Koinange
affair,where pple taste and run,your looking for a life term
partner,a girl or a guy to give you romantic therapy all the
days of your life.You need a partner who can bring up
children.You need somebody who will defend you in case,
somebody who will love you in times of problem and in times of
celebration.You need a responsible partner.To know the
above,you need time,you need to know how your guy reacts
to sad news,you need to know how your girl cries when her
expectations are not met.You need to know his culture and
some of his traditions.You need to know her lifestyle,his
relatives and close friends.Good pple knowledge is power,it
helps you in decision making.
Somebody may ask,"for how long should a courtship last?
Good people,no exact duration,but never rush things,your not in
safari rally,you should not also delay,yes,don't tortoise your
marriage,your not a tortoise.Good pple,if you rush things,you
will get very many things wrong,if you delay things,your
partner might get tired,more worse,boredom might come into
play.If the above happens your romantic goose is cooked.Now
after meeting take at least six month,make sure during that
duration your close to your partner to observe her well.after
this duration,you can make an informed decision.


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