Marriage: My parent are cursing me coz am in courtship with a guy who is not financially stable

young lady

"Pastor my parent are cursing me coz am in courtship with a guy who is not financially stable,they want me to be married by my job colleague whom I don't love."

Good people,a good relationship can only be cemented by love,minus love the relationship will be buried soon.Yes,it is a great thing when your parent are concern with your future,but they can lay a weak foundation with their concerns.It is advisable not to ignore their concerns but treat their concerns with suspicions.It is true to say your parents have interest,if you don't treat their advise with suspicion you might end up serving somebody else interests other than yours.If you have reach an age where you can be married,at least you should be able to make the right decision.
But that does not means your parental advise is useless,they have lived with you when you were carried in the belly,when you were carried in the back until you have grown to a big girl.If you keep them off and throw their advise in the dustbin you will regret one day,they should be part of decision making but they should listen to your concerns and advise accordingly.They should not threaten you or curse you,don't listen to such antics.You too,you should listen to them without threatening them with how you will leave them for good.Remember your parents carry your blessings,no pastor or priest can be able give you parental blessings,parental blessings are given by parents period.
Remember also the guy who is courting you is an intruder,an outsider.He should approach your family with respect,what start wrongly will end wrongly.Don't be told to ignore your parent by your partner,you cannot ignore pple who have brought you up.
Finally don't take your parents advise as a gospel truth,they are human beings,they can be wrong,if they are wrong you should not be wrong,a blind man will always lead you to a ditch.If you think your parents advise is controversial,get a mediator,you can look for a family friend who is acceptable in your family,pastors and relatives can also be of great advise.


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