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Meet the 6-year-old angel saving wounded souls

Meet the 6-year-old angel saving wounded souls

Six-year-old Katoon, the daughter of an ambulance driver and nurse, started helping and rescuing people when she was just two.
The youngster from Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand would show up at tragic scenes with her parents and help the injured without hesitation. Confronted by blood or even death, she never shrunk.
“She started helping us with volunteer work from two, following us and distributing food to flood victims,” Katoon’s father proudly revealed. “She has completely taken to helping others ever since, she never complains.”
Meet the 6-year-old angel saving wounded souls

Katoon herself is yet to realize just how precious her acts are - helping, saving injured souls. “I can’t remember when was the start but I remember my pa and ma took me with them always, teaching me how to heal wounds and always taking me to volunteers' lectures. Then I knew and learned how (to help others)…”
She is far from understanding how great she is, but is taking the fondness and gratitude shown towards her as gifts to contribute more to those in need. “Many people seem to quite like me, they take photos with me and give me money for snacks,” Katoon said. “I give them to the poor and the seniors.”
Meet the 6-year-old angel saving wounded souls

Amazingly, she has never shown fear of bodies or ghosts. Asked why not, she replied with grown-up grace: “I’m not afraid of ghosts, we have never seen one either. And I've seen bodies from a young age and got used to them. Papa said we don’t need to be afraid because we are here for saving.”
Many have been amazed by young Katoon, and her parents who have done so much to mold the young girl seem no less special. Need a tip from the couple? “Encourage children to do more, try not to tell them ‘no’ or ‘never’.”
Meet the 6-year-old angel saving wounded souls


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