My husband is accusing me of acting like a prostitute because of the way i dress

"Pasi my husband is accusing me of acting like a prostitute,the other day he closed my beauty saloon,am addicted to my way of dressing,I can't wear the dress he is suggesting, my marriage has become a little hell"
Good people,it is good to have a great figure,it can bring you untold riches,it can attract all sort of pple to you,infact your figure can become a tourist attraction.If that is what you want,forget marriage and start a career in cat walking and beauty contest.You see,if you signal the world to your romantic thighs and breast, what do you think you will accomplish?Of course your husband will be very jealous.but who created that jealous?You are the one,you exposed your fundamentals,instead of hiding them for your man.
Another thing,I thought you are married to one man,why attract others,infact one can be forgiven to say you are "Men trapper".Your husband has closed your beauty saloon out of jealous,good lady,you are tasting your own medicine.Men are naturally jealous,but you are not helping the situation,with your romantic antics you are fuelling that jealous.Soon you will lose the guy.
Another thing,I thought you should make your man and not men happy,now that he is complaining,why can't you sit down and negotiate about the mode of clothing.If your man can start a beauty saloon for you,surely he loves you,but you are taking advantage of him,instead of marketing your saloon,you are busy marketing your thighs,you will end up losing everything.Good girl,listen to your husband,he might look mshamba,but if you keep ignoring him,you might find yourself in a romantic grave. IF YOU HAVE ANY CONTRIBUTION FEEL FREE TO DROP IT.


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