Old footage of Sylvester Stallone Boxing his brother Frank the Tank

Sylvester Stallone Boxing his brother Frank the Tank, entertainment news
Sylvester Stallone Boxing his brother Frank the Tank, entertainment news
Sylvester Stallone: Old footage of me Boxing my brother FRANK THE TANK , between rounds while filming Rocky three. and as usual things always get carried away with brothers!

 I've sparred with Frank many many times and without exception it always turns out that one of us ends up throwing a cheap shot, usually it's me and the battle is on! I used to hate sparring Frank because he's always coming at me with an assortment of nonstop left hooks, and he's relentless, and he is a great jaw , Which I tried to hit as often as possible.

 I remember when I was training for Rocky III we at the gym for hours working with Mr T training very hard every day , and when I finished working with Mr T , which was always a painful affair, he's just so damn strong, he would train on the speed bag and heavy bag and Frank and I would take on all volunteers who wanted to get into the Ring and say that they Boxed with ROCKY. Usually it was Guys that worked at the studio, like carpenters, big Teamsters, construction workers, Etc. , anyone who wanted to spar a couple rounds , our door was always open.

 That's how we would get in shape real fast. Some days we drive home feeling very good, and other days we would crawl home feeling very bad. The most fun was to spar much larger man ,sometimes being outweighed by over 100 pounds and hit very hard but cause of their size,they would also miss quite a bit and, throwing heavy punches and I'm not hitting anything , drains a big man very quickly .. unfortunately, exhaustion usually sets in after one round , and after a couple of well-placed body shots, A man is barely able to lift his arms and then it was our turn to dish it out. That's what I would call a great era of painful fun.


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