Young Dreams | tuesday march 4th 2017 episode on zee world series

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lawson james blog: Entertainment News,Celebrity News
Tuesday On Young Dreams zee world series

It started to rain and storm outside, someone calls and Rachna answers it informing them that the delivery for the shop has arrived. Rachna tells them her father is not home so she will call and inform him. She calls Dayal during his meeting and tells him that the delivery arrived and Prabhu and Gopal are not in the house. Dayal is surprised that it arrived so fast. Rachna asks him if she can go and attend to them. Dayal first decline but then agrees telling her all the steps of what to do. Shail tells Rachna to go carefully as its raining hard.

Rachna goes when the delivery is coming inside and she recalls what her father told her. After everything was done, she leaves the shop but as she leaves, she forgets what her father told her about turning off some switch. Scene shifts to the shop where the switch which Rachna forgot to off is flickering with small flames of fire. The phone rings at the Garg residence, Dayal picks up the phone and he suddenly becomes shocked and drops the phone unable to speak. Shail then picks up the phone and she is shocked as well. She breaks down and informs everyone that their has been a fire in their shop and everything is gone. Everyone is horrified. later, Dayal, Prabhu and Gopal go to the shop where they see it burnt. Dayal becomes depressed and faints together in Goa.

The whole family especially Dayal was in severe trauma because of the fire at the shop. Dayal looks at the burnt saree's and goes in flashback when Rachna was in her childhood demanding for saree's. He cries a lot and both the brothers supports him. Later at home, Rachna consoles her mother. Seema asks to call the couple back from their honeymoon but Prabhu resists them from doing that and he also tells them that the main switch was on. Rachna then remembers her father's words about switching off the main switch. After the doctor check Dayal, then he talks about the insurance money and the money which they borrowed from the market. 

Rachna comes and asks Dayal to punish her as much as he can as she avoided the instructions about the main switch. Dayal didn’t reacted on her words and didn’t utter any word in lieu of Rachna’s words. She comes and cries in her room. She call Vihaan up and started crying and asks to meet him, Vihaan agreed and tells that he will be there at her terrace after half an hour. Moment later, Rachna and Vihaan are on the terrace and she narrate to him about the whole incident and she breaks down completely. Vihaan asks her to be cool. In all way Rachna hugs Vihaan and afterwards feels awkward. On the other hand in Goa, Gunjan tells Mayank that her legs are aching. Mayank then holds her in his arms and people around there are looking at them.

The guy tells Dayal that they will get the insurance but unsure of the amount and that after the surveying of the shop will they be able to. Dayal asks how long will it take before they receive the money and the guy says 5 -6 months. Dayal says that he needs the money now as he remembers he owes people money and needs to return it in a week. He says he will be ruined if he doesn’t return the money on time. Prabhu gets a call and it's Mayank. Mayank says they reached Goa and that all is fine and asks how is Seema feeling. Prabhu says Seema is fine. Mayank says to pass the phone to Shail as Gunjan wants to talk to her. Prabhu says they are all busy and they will call them later and their blessings are with them. Seema is trying to contact Mayank but keeps getting the voice saying that it's out of coverage. She is angry. Sangeeta comes and says ever since Gunjan stepped in the house bad things have been happening like the burning of the store and Dayal’s health. Seema tells Sangeeta that Mayank used to call her 3-4 times when he is out and now a whole day has passed and he hasn’t even called. 

Sangeeta says to get used to it as after marriage a son becomes a husband only. In Goa, Mayank is trying to enter the pool but is hesitant. Gunjan comes and tells him he’s been standing there for such a long time and tells him to enter and that she will teach him how to swim. He tells her he has phobia for water and she laughs saying despite leaving in Benaras he has this phobia. She asks then why did they come to Goa and he says because she like Goa and she hugs him and suggests to go to the beach. Mayank says he wants to change as he is not comfortable in shorts and Gunjan says people wear shorts in the beach not jeans. A guy walks pass and says hi and Gunjan says hi back and tells Mayank that she will go to the beach and check out the hot guys and leaves. Mayank chases after her.

Mayank chases Gunjan at the beach trying to appease her but she plays hard to get. Some people see them and thinks Mayank is harrasing Gunjan. They come and ask Gunjan is Mayank troubling her. Mayank says that he knows Gunjan. Gunjan decides to play a trick and tells the guy that she doesn’t know Mayank and that he has been disturbing her since morning. Mayank tells the guy that he’s married to Gunjan but the guy doesn’t believe him. Gunjan finally realizes that they are taking her seriously and tells the guys she knows Mayank and that they are married. Mayank tells the guy's they came for their honeymoon here.

 The guys says they will make their honeymoon a memorable one. They carry Gunjan and Mayank and throw Mayank into the sea. Gunjan and Mayank play about in the sea and laugh. Meanwhile, Rachana is standing in front of the shop and is thinking of how the shop caught fire due to the short circuit as she didn’t off the main switch. She thinks of Dayal’s loan and the insurance money will come after 6 months. She thinks that because of one mistake the whole shop caught fire and Dayal suffered a major loss and the fault is only hers. Rachana is crying and wonders how Dayal will handle it all. On the other hand, Mayank says jokingly that Gunjan would have caused his death on their honeymoon. Gunjan says that it's fun and he should have looked at his face when the people were after him. Gunjan says that there were also a lot of hot guys and Mayank says not to think of any guy other than him. Gunjan says she won’t argue with him and will call Rachana. Gunjan calls Rachana.

Gunjan asks Rachana how is everyone at home and apologizes for not calling earlier. Rachana says it's alright and asks Gunjan how is Goa and Gunjan says it's amazing, that the sea is amazing and that Mayank was almost beaten up by some guys and Mayank says because of Gunjan he would have ended up in the hospital. Gunjan asks Rachana what is wrong as Rachana didn’t say a word and asks if everything is fine. Rachana says all is fine. Mayank is tickling Gunjan and she laughs and tells Rachana she will call her later when Mayank is not around and hangs up. Gunjan hits Mayank with a pillow. Rachana is sitting in the shop crying and thinking how Dayal said the shop will be hers and Dayal telling Shail to save money to be able to spend on Rachana’s grandly wedding like Gunjan’s. A plank is about to fall on Rachana when Vihaan comes in time and pushes Rachana out of the way.

Vihaan asks Rachna if she is mad and what was she doing here in the shop alone. Rachana says she came to see what happened to the shop because of her. Vihaan asks what happened to her and if the plank fell on her then what would have happened. Rachana says her heart told her to come here and that she has been unable to sleep because of this. She shows Vihaan around the shop and says that the damage is all her responsibility. Rachana tells him that her father years of hard work is ruined because of her and she was small when Dayal opened the shop and that her father put a lot of effort to make the shop huge. Rachana says there is a major loss and how will they compensate. Vihaan says it's not her fault. He says he has an idea to arrange money.

 Gunjan is thinking and Mayank asks what is she thinking. Gunjan says Rachana was quite on the phone and sounded sad and wonders if something is wrong. Mayank tells her that nothing happened and to stop thinking. He tells her this is their honeymoon time and not tension time. Gunjan says he is right. On the other hand, Vihaan says he will arrange the money and Rachana asks how. Vihaan says he is talented and can copy his father’s signature. Rachana says does he want to go to jail for fraud. Vihaan asks what can he do to wipe her tears away and he can’t see her this way. He wipes her tears. Meanwhile Mayank and Gunjan are also having a nice moment together in Goa.


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