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Monday On Reach For The Stars

It is Kalpi's first day at Raghav's office and she is very happy to see herself in such a big office. Kalpi wonders if her mother know what job Raghav had for her. She suddenly sees a light coming towards Raghav. She runs to save him and everyone is dazed. Sammy takes him in his cabin. Kamla comes to the office to give her the lunch box. Kalpi sees her and wonders what will she say to her mother about her job and also thinks if she know what Raghav appointed her for. Suddenly Paki comes in too, she hugs Kamla and tells her she was missing her so much and that she is so happy to see her here. Kamla wishes them both luck and leaves. Paki asks where Raghav is. Kalpi goes back to her work.

Sammy has called the doctor and asks the doctor when will he give him the injection but Raghav refuses to take injections. Sammy convinces him to let the doctor do his job as he knows better than him. Paki enters the cabin and laughs at Raghav for being scared of injections. Raghav question her for coming to his cabin without his permission and asks her to get out. Paki is badly hurt by Raghav words and leaves. Paki then goes to Kalpi and tells her that Ragahv is scared of injections. She giggles.

 She sees her name on the name plate as the marketing supervisor and she is so happy about it. She asks Kalpi what her designation is? kalpi replies her that she is being assigned as her assistant. Paki is stunned and says this isn’t possible and must be some mistake. Raghav comes there that there is no mistake. He tells her it's okay he made her work easy and that people don’t get these sort of luxuries in this office. He adds that Sammy will tell her her work. And Sammy tell her assistant that people don’t have other chances. Sammy asks Paki anymore question? Paki tells him to leave if he is done.

On their way back, Kalpi is in front of the same building she always wished to buy. She wonder how will she accomplish her dream. She recalls Raghav telling her that she will be the assistant to the supervisor and Paki being happy on her name as the supervisor but she takes this as an opportunity for growth. An handicap child comes to her and asks why she is sad? She asks the child don’t he feel sad? He replies her that he is not because his mother tells him not to be sad of what you don’t have and celebrate what you have. Kalpi is so inspired by the child, She then determines to get what she deserve and will prove herself right.

Paki goes to Raghav’s room and asks him why did he make Kalpi her assistant and he should have asked her as Kalpi is like her sister. How will she boss around her. Raghav asks her to be quiet and offer her a glass of water to drink then tells her to take a deep breath as he is her boss here. He decide what people do here and it never happens that someone disagrees to him and he love it when he work in a different manner and asks her to get out of his office. 

Next time she will take his appointment to meet him and ask him before coming into his cabin. Paki tells Kalpi that they will work together as a team and will manage all the things as they are friends. Kalpi refuses that every office has a hierarchy. Paki insists they are friends but Kalpi is adamant they are not friends. Paki then asks for coffee. Kalpi stands up to make her one. Paki asks where she is going and Kalpi replies to get her a coffee and asks her not to thanks her. Meanwhile, Raghav is sees all this scene through the camera in his cabin.

 Kalpi calls Raghav up that she have problem and want to meet him. He refuses and disconnects the call.
Paki make coffee for both Kalpi and herself. Raghav is standing at her back without knowing. He asks for whom this second cup for? She replies that it's for Kalpi. Raghav calls kalpi there and asks why is her superior making coffee when she is here? Kalpi tried to explain but Raghav shut her up and asks both of girls to come to his office right now.

Paki tells Raghav it was just a coffee and to take it easy. Raghav tells her he told her before he won’t like it if someone doesn’t obey his order. Kalpi comes in. Raghav says she was about to take tea here. Paki asks him to stop it and should not let her do what she doesn’t like. Kalpi hands over him a paper. He asks if she is bringing him a designation letter? Kalpi tells him she needed a self motivator who can change their future and that’s hers and that she is just telling him that in 30 days he will sign it and give her promotion letter.

 She don’t make mistakes in spelling and writes 30 on the glass wall that she will prove her skills in 30 days and promise to bring his tea. Raghav is speechless while Paki is smiling. Raghav smiles and looks at that 30 written on the glass wall.
Kamla comes to the chowl and sees a little girl in uniform. She asks why didn’t she come to school. Kanta comes there and Kamla asks why she is late today and reminds her they have to work hard for there children. Kanta assures Kamla she is working only for her daughter and promise to make her like Kalpi and make her proud just like Kalpi did.

 Kamla asks Aaji why is she sitting alone. She replies that she is planing on going back as Kamla refuses to listen to her and what is she trying to prove by making Kalpi a madam? Kamla says she listened to a story in childhood that everyone will get a fist full sky for them. Aaji tells her she first made her innocent son to sit at home and now waiting for the money of her daughter. Kalpi won’t get a guy like that. Kamla tells Aaji she don’t want a guy who doesn’t understand her daughter. Kamla then promise to made that dish she make after her wedding for her and they both go inside the house.

Paki plays game on her phone while Sammy asks if she is here to work or play these games? She replies that it will increase her capability. Sammy asks what game is that? Paki says it's the Jodha Akbar game and it increases ones history knowledge. Paki sight Raghav and asks Kalpi about the letter to type and also whispers in Kalpi’s ear that she have to pretend like a boss since Raghav is here. Kalpi nods and leaves. Kalpi sees that Raghav have injured his hand. 

She recalls her mother have told her to help others. She goes to Raghav’s office with a first aid box. He asks why didn’t she leave. She replies to him that she know his pain is not decreasing as he didn’t get the injection. He asks her to go and assures her that he is fine. Kalpi leaves the medication box there.
It's raining heavily outside, Kalpi stops a car for lift but It's turns out that Raghav is the one driving. He leaves and Kalpi is disappointed in him. She talks to herself that she is only tolerating this rudeness of Raghav because of her mother. 

Kalpi somehow reaches home and Kamla asks why she is so wet. Kalpi explains it was raining and she didn’t have the umbrella with her. Kamla ssks her to change her cloths otherwise she will get fever. Kamla then asks if everything is okay in the office. She lie to her mother that Raghav treats her so well and takes care of everything. Kamla smiles. Kamla again tells her to change as Kalpi sneezes.

Paki calls Kamla and Kamla asks how was her day. Paki asks if Kalpi is home and how is her mood? Paki then tells Kamla that she came to know that Kalpi is her assistant when she enter office and asks Kamla how can she be Kalpi boss. She adds that Raghav was treating Kalpi like a peon and that she is Kalpi fan today as she gave Raghav a letter that it was her promotion letter. She is impress with her as she gave Raghav an open challenge. Suddenly the phone disconnects. Mummy ji asks Paki to have her dinner and she leaves. Kamla wipes her tears. Kalpi tells her mother she is coming as she is so hungry.

Kamla serve everyone their dinner and wonders why Kalpi didn’t tell her the truth about Raghav. Kalpi thinks she will tell her mother after 30 days and that Raghav motivates his staff to move forward and not weak. Kamla tells Kalpi to do whatever she think will be good for her. Kalpi says she know her mother is thinking about her future and swears not to fail. On the other hand, Mummy ji says Paki is so sad as Raghav is treating Kalpi so bad in the office and Paki is thinking of getting Kalpi a new job. Prem is glad to hear this as Kalpana Yadav is not happy there.

Kalpi leaves for the office while Kamla gives her her lunch box. Prem calls someone and says enemy of enemy is friend. Raghav is your enemy and of his as well. How about shaking hands with him. It's turn out to be Kamla on the other side.
Raghav Singhania works out his plan to destroy Kapoor's family worth. He has hired Pakhi as manager and Kalpi as Pakhi's assistant. Raghav orders Pakhi to work on new projects and asks her to not let anyone enter his cabin as he is busy with some work. He tells Pakhi to take Kalpi's help as she is her assistant.

 Later, Pakhi is confused that how will she ask Kalpi to work as an assistant with her. She goes to Kalpi's seat and shares about Raghav being a strict boss. Kalpi is ready to help Pakhi by keeping an eye on Raghav's cabin. Maya enters Raghav's office and goes towards Raghav's cabin. Kalpi stops Maya and informs that Raghave is busy and nobody is allowed to come in his cabin. Raghav sees Maya's missed call and comes outside to meet her. He scolds Kalpi that Maya should not be standing outside his cabin and she should know the instructions well. Later, Pakhi is called by Raghav in the cabin. Pakhi is upset seeing Maya hugging Raghav and being so close to her.


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