10 Ways to manage your Boss - Leadership and Management tips

10 Ways to manage your Boss - Leadership and Management tips

The importance of learning how to manage your Boss can't be overemphasized. In today's busy corporate world, subordinates are becoming increasingly more responsible for maintaining a good working relationship with their boss. Ultimately, how well you manage your boss will have more direct bearing on your promotion, your current working condition and your future career moves than your education and expertise.

Here are the 10 commandments for effective boss management:

1- Have a good grasp of your own strengths and weaknesses as well as his strength, and weaknesses. You will know where you two complement each other, where you conflict, where you need help.

2- Know what he needs: both work needs and emotional needs. When they are legitimate needs such as loyalty, feedback and support, provide them without having to be coached. Never criticize him in front of others. Never underestimate him.

3-Understand the rules of team play. Be willing to be a good team player. Your individual contribution has value, but it's greatly enhanced as a part of the group effort. Help your boss become a good team leader.

4- Learn how to build trust. Show your boss you are trustworthy. Demonstrate your trust in him and he'll come through for you. Let your boss know when he has violated your trust, when he has gone beyond the call of duty.

5- Keep the line of communication open. Give him feedback on his performance. Ask him, rely on his guidance. Don't take his criticisms personally.

6-Share your expertise, innovation and creativity with your boss. He can learn from you too. He rely upon you as a problem solver and as a source of ideas and skills.

7- Take the initiative, look for solutions to problems and avoid complaining.

8- When problems arise, be straightforward in dealing with them. Develop the confidence and skill to discuss problems with your boss and, if necessary, how you expert his behavior to change. Always stay objective, concise, professional and calm.

9- If your boss is trying to help you, use him as a mentor or networking source. Even good bosses need managing in spots where they are weak. Find out where your boss needs help. Reward his investment in you by performing well. Voluntee for extra projects.

10- Show your boss you understand the duties of management and leadership by incorporating as much of these qualities as you can into your present role. Support his role as manager and leader.


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