African Police Chiefs endorses IGP Idris as Vice Chairman of forum

African Police Chiefs endorses IGP Idris as Vice Chairman of forum.

The African Police Cooperation Mechanism has endorsed the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Kpotun-Idris, as its second Vice Chairman.
His endorsement came after he was nominated by the police Chiefs of all the West African countries resent at the forum
The assembly also endorsed IGP of Algeria as its chairman, others are the police boss of Central Republic of African who was endorsed as the 3rd Vice Chairman while police boss of Zambia was endorsed as the rapporteur.
The officials will run the bureau for period of 2 years.
Their endorsement was
announced at a 3 day meeting of all police Chiefs in Africa (AFRIPOL) held in Algiers, Algeria.
The appointment of IGP Idris was collectively accepted and lauded by assembly.
Nigeria has by this appointment gotten the first opportunity ever to serve at such a high profile capacity of AFRIPOL in the region.
Idris who welcome his endorsement said it would be an added advantage for Nigeria to collaborate with member countries in the areas of intelligence gathering and sharing.
He said it will as well ease legislation for arrest and prosecution of trans boarder criminals.
IGP seeks legislation to ease arrest, prosecution of criminals in Africa. The Inspector-General of Police, Mr Ibrahim Idris, has advocated the promulgation of a legislation to make the arrest and prosecution of suspects within Africa easier.
Idris spoke to newsmen in the Algerian Capital,Aligiers, during the maiden edition of the General Assembly of the Union Mechanism for Police Commissions( AFRIPOL).
The IGP lamented:'' Sometimes, if a criminal commits an offence in your country and escape to other countries, the Police usually find it difficult to bring him back home to face justice.
'' The proposed law will therefore redress this ugly trend, hence, bolster the criminal justice system in the continent.
'' This therefore means more efficiency and diligence in the
operations of the various police commissions and forces in the
Idris further called for a stronger synergy between the police
commissions, sharing of intelligence and sustained myriad of
'' This also means effective fight of cross border crimes and
criminality, as well as enhanced internal security in the individual
African countries.
'' I am hereby commending Algeria for bringing together police chiefs
from other sister African countries to brainstorm for better policing.
'' This cooperation and strategy should be sustained so that law
abiding citizens in the region can go to bed with their two eyes
closed,'' the Nigerian Police Boss, urged.


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