Motivation: The Power of Giving

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Many of us have heard the expression  Giving is its own reward. And while this is certainly true, and more than reason enough to give, there is another aspect of giving that many fail to recognize.

Giving is an energy that not only help others but creates even more for the person who is doing the giving. This is a natural law that is true regardless of whether the who is giving wants or even realizes what is occurring.

Money is circulation. It needs to flow. When you are frightened, selfish, or when you hoard everything for yourself, you literally stop the circulation.You create clogged pipes, making it difficult to keep money flowing back to your direction. Any success you have is despite your lack of giving. the way to get the flow going again is to start giving, be generous. Pay others well, tip your waitress that extra money. Support several charities. Watch what happens! Things will start popping up out of nowhere.

The same dynamic is true if you want to fill your life with love or something else worthwhile. Giving and receiving are two sides of the coin. If you want more love, or fun, or respect, or success, or anything else, the way to get it is very simple: Give away. Don't worry about a thing. The universe what it's doing. Everything you give will return with interest.


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