Donald Trump to stop aid to South Sudan if violence persists

Donald Trump  to stop aid to South Sudan if violence persists

U.S President may stop financial aid to South Sudan if the conflict persists, reports Eye Radio.

“The definite message that we brought is that, the conflict must end, there must be peace here and that people should never face a famine because of conflict. We want to continue providing support, but we have a new administration. There is a new policy where the president (Trump) is proposing massive cuts to aid and for us to support South Sudan; it is going to have to be clear that South Sudan is on the path to peace. Why would you give money to a country that is constantly in conflict and has a man-made famine? It is just unacceptable,” said U.S Congresswoman, Karen Brass during a visit to South Sudan.

The U.S congresswoman and U.S Congressman Christopher Smith visited South Sudanese refugees in Uganda to assess their situation after they fled from their home country due to hunger and violence.

During their two day visit, the pair also toured the former Unity State ravaged by a famine, before heading out to meet with President Salva Kiir on Thursday.

Congresswoman, Karen Brass said that the ongoing violence in South Sudan is unacceptable.


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