Kidnap Evans lied, he killed my father' - former Super Eagles player says

Kidnap Evans  lied, he killed my father' - former Super Eagles player says
Kidnap Evans  lied, he killed my father' - former Super Eagles player says
Evans claims he never killed a victim. Unfortunately for him, this new account of Chikelue Iloenyosi says otherwise.

The most recent is the former defender of Super Eagles, who played professional football in France and Turkey, the terrible encounter of Chikelue Iloenyosi with the formidable captor.
Chikelue Iloenyosi's father was kidnapped then killed by Evans
Chikelue Iloenyosi's father was kidnapped then killed by Evans 

According to the former footballer, Evans and his gang are responsible for the kidnapping and murder of his father.
He gave a detailed account in an interview with Punch, where he revealed that Evans killed his father after collecting 15,000,000 ransom.
Speaking with the newspaper, Iloenyosi revealed how his 86-year-old father, Pa James Iloenyosi, was abducted on 25 November 2013.
He said, "When they took him away, they only spoke to us after five days. They phoned my twin sister. She was crying when she called me that the kidnappers had made contact.
"When we, the children, gathered, my sister called the kidnappers again and they just told us they were going to call back." They did not respond until five more days to build our anxiety. "
late Pa Iloenyosi before he was kidnapped and killed

late Pa Iloenyosi before he was kidnapped and killed

The player said that the kidnappers first demanded a ransom of N50m, and then they settled for N15m after a begging.
Unknown to him, his father had already been killed.
In his words: "When we paid the N15m, my father was already dead and we did not know it.
"What bothered me was that, despite our serious work of recovery, my father did not come out alive."

The last time they learned of kidnappers was before the payment of the ransom.
After sending the money, they never heard the kidnappers.
This led to a four-month investigation involving hundreds of policemen in Anambra State, who were able to trace all the kidnappings in Evans, which could not yet be found.
"The SARS boss in Anambra told me at the time that any suspect arrested for a major crime has always mentioned the name Evans," he said.

At that time, the state anti-theft squadron of the Anambra State Police Command was looking for the kidnapper who had managed to hit the vans.
Nonso, a member of the Evans gang responsible for the kidnapping and murder of Iloenyosi's father, was finally arrested along with three other suspects.
This was made possible by the arrest of a young woman, who said that Nonso was her boyfriend. She was found with a trace placed on her father's line.

"When we arrested the girl, she said that Nonso only gave him the phone to keep him safe, telling him not to put it in. We started to follow Nonso. Current IRT, Abba Kyari, gave us 18 of his men to follow us to Cotonou, Republic of Benin, because our trace on the Nonso line showed that he was there.

"We arrived and the police arrested a young man who said he had come to buy a car and said the number was not his and he only wanted to use it to call someone, One in Nigeria and the police had to let him go when it was clear he did not know anything.
"Later, we left cotonou. Again, our private tracker traced it to Lokoja, Kogi State.

"I was in Lokoja for two months with a private tracker before I stopped Nonso.
"When we arrived at the hotel with the police that day, we asked for a list of people staying at the hotel. The hotel staff mentioned a" little boy "with his girlfriend in the" One of the bedrooms.
"We knocked on the door and the girlfriend came out and said that her boyfriend was in the bathroom, but I heard a sound inside, trying to escape through the window, but SARS agents were already stationed around the hotel.

"He finally came out and said his name was Emmanuel, but I knew it was right away because we could get his picture in advance.
"But because I did not want him to panic, I pretended it was not him and told the SARS agents in his presence that the person we were looking for was an older man.

"He relaxed and came inside when I called him and I said I wanted to ask him something, I dialed his phone number there and then when he rang, We took it and it showed the name 'Kidnapper football.' SARS agents immediately threw it at him and handcuffed him.

"I asked Nonso if he knew me, he said he did not, and I told him that I was the footballer whose name he registered with. Asked if I was "General" - my alias - and I said yes. "
"When Nonso was arrested, he became submissive and pleaded for his life, saying that he would provide any information the police needed.

"He immediately told us that his leader was Evans, but he said there was no way to get Evans because he had fled to Lagos after the operation was over." At this point Nonso Has kept our hope alive.He said my father was still alive.He refused to provide accurate information, "said Iloenyosi.
The police were able to make more arrests but were still unable to find Evans.

"We called Evans to identify his location, but it was generous." Nonso was then called to call another member of the group called Awolowo to inform him that there was an operation.
"But Awolowo said he did not want to do any operation at the time because his wife had just gone to bed." Nonso said Awolowo was part of Evaba 'Asaba, a Delta State group, -footballer.

Despite these arrests, Nonso refused to abandon Evans, rather than he told the police to kill his girlfriend.
"The most shocking thing is that when the police interrogated Nonso, he said that if SARS still wanted peace at Anambra, they should kill the lady." She said she was responsible for taking care of The band and helped them buy drugs and collect ransoms on their behalf, "Iloenyosi said.
The death of his father was revealed only after an armed attack called Onyeso, helped him.

The former footballer said, "He hijacked me and said," My brother, you are a good man because you always give money so that the police can buy us food when you come here " .
"He said that if we wanted a result we should take Awolowo in the backyard and tell the police to fire his rifle in the air as if they had killed him. Would begin to confess because they had actually taken the oath.

"When the police did this, Nonso began to confess when he was told that Awolowo had been killed. He said he would take us to where my father was buried.
"We went into the forest for three and a half hours before leaving where they buried it. I collapsed and my sister who was there at the time fainted.
Parts of the decomposed body of late Pa Iloenyosi

Parts of the decomposed body of late Pa Iloenyosi
Pa Iloenyosi was then buried around the village of Nneyi in the community of Umueri.
However, the details surrounding his death were heartbreaking because he had been stripped off his undergarments and beaten regularly, while being kept in a cold room. These things contributed to his death.

Iloenyosi said, "As we negotiate for the ransom, they call and put the phone on the speaker so that I can hear how they beat him." My father cried and begged me to find a way to secure his freedom.

"We found him at our hometown - Abagana in Anambra State - a few days later, we found his body and started looking for Evans. One of the vital information that Nonso gave us was that 'It was a robbery when they had information about my father and they diverted to Abagana to remove it.

So I was very particular about the arrest of Evans so that he could tell us who in our community gave us the information. "
Regarding the arrest of Evans, the former footballer said he was extremely happy when he heard the news.
He urged the public to ignore the pleader's pleas, adding that Evans deserved the death penalty.
"What Evans did to my family was the most painful thing you could ever experience. When I read, he asked for sympathy, I just laughed. The death penalty for people like him is the only solution. Evans can never repent despite all the second chance he begs, "he said.

The Anambra State Police, which knows everything that happened in the case of Pa Iloenyosi, is currently working with his counterparts in Lagos State on the Evans affair.


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