Police recover Evans' mansion in Ghana, $75,000 gold ring

Police recover Evans' mansion in Ghana, $75,000 gold ring

Police retrieve Evans mansion in Ghana, a $ 75,000 gold ring and how he sent N20m to his wife days before his arrest.

Police detectives recovered a $ 75,000 ring from the recently arrested kidnap pioneer Chukwudubem Onwuamadike aka Evans in Magodo Manor.

According to Vanguard, the ring was discovered after conducting another thorough research in the manor located in Magodo, Phase 2, in Lagos.

They also revealed that the documents in the house revealed that Evans sent his wife N20 million to Ghana through a Foreign Exchange Bureau, and it was delivered to him in Ghanaian currency, Cedi.

It was as they were told that they had also recovered another manor house that belonged to him in Ghana, making three, the number of manors he has in the country of West Africa.

In another development, the detectives attached to the Inspector General of the police intelligence team, IRT, headed by Abah Kyari, began to inventory all the land and physical properties belonging to the arrested kidnap leader, Evans.

It is as they also study all the transactions he has made with the banks in the country during the period when he terrorizes Nigerians.
Reliable sources have advised that they would spread their dredges in all parts of the country where he operated and even in the neighboring countries where he used to always run after collecting huge ransoms from his victims.

The sources said that Ghana and South Africa would list the countries where they hope to liaise with the international police, Interpol, in monitoring the suspect's assets. According to sources; Another vital area that the detectives will concentrate is telecommunications.

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"It is because we would like to know how he was able to eliminate our intelligence efforts to stop him for so long. Otherwise, the inspector general of the police equipped us with the latest gadgets of communication, "So far, Evans has tried to take away all the confessional statements he made earlier during the interrogations, but I assure you that very soon he will open and we will nail him finally, Police sources said.


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