Spanish 'skateboard hero' Echeverría missing in London attack

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'skateboard hero' Echeverría 

A man from Madrid is absent in London after using his skateboard against one of the jihadists, who punished a woman, a Spanish media report.

Ignacio Echeverría, 39, saw the attack take place at London Bridge on Saturday night and rushed to help the woman.
Friends with him at the time told his family what had happened.
The reports indicate that Mr. Echeverría is not listed among the dead. His sister went to London hospitals, but there is no news for him to be among the wounded.
In a message on Facebook, his father, Joaquín Echeverría, urged members of the public to find his son, publishing the details of Ignacio.
At least one other Spaniard is in a London hospital, slightly injured after a terrorist attack at London Bridge.
Reports indicate that Ignacio Echeverría came to the scene at the London Bridge while walking through a park with two friends with whom he was skateboarding.
In a Facebook article, his father said: "They saw him lying on the ground on the sidewalk after defending someone with his skateboard."
Apparently, Ignacio had no identity on him at the time. The Embassy of Spain and HSBC Bank, its employer in London, help to find him.


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