Your mind is the gold mine of your life - Inspiration message from TONTO W. C. DIKEH

Inspiration message from TONTO W. C. DIKEH
Inspiration message from TONTO W. C. DIKEH
 Inspiration message from TONTO W. C. DIKEH:

Your mind is the gold mine of your life, cultivate it wisely and jealously and you will produce genius.
As flowers grow in the direction of the sunlight to generate energy by photosynthesis, so Your life will tick in the direction of what's dominant on your mind and thinking.

What you give attention to will increase and what you ignore will naturally die.
The battles of life begins and ends in the mind, win the battle in your mind and it will be a walkover in this physical realm;
Those who WISELY run after God will have the earth soon run after them.

When God becomes your priority, HE makes you his priority and cause men to make you their priority;
Prayers and thinking have the same potency as what you think has the capacity to happen.

Transformed minds equals transformed lives
Informed minds equals transformed lives
What you feed your mind with will eventually rule your life or ruin your life.

Upgrade your mind and your life will upgrade; Update your mind and your life will be up-to-date;
Your dates(intended spouse) could take a walk when he/she discovers your mind is not up to date or beyond; #invest in your mind.

Invest in ur mind, it's the biggest asset you'll ever have after God;
That you have a good command of English and phonetics doesn't make you a complete asset, what's in your mind?
Your biggest assets wont be your shape(it's nice to have one), it's not ur complexion(it's good to have a polished or toned skin), it won't be your height or your six packs either, it's what comes out of your mind.

Stop praying and asking God to take over your life if your mind is empty, what will HE take over? God will only take over from what's in your mind.
Gods gift to you in your mind, your responsibility is what you do and feed your mind with.

A Confused mindset is a confused life; A wrong mindset is a wrong life; A beautiful mindset is a beautiful life.

Feed your mind with words on medicine and you become a doctor; Feed your mind with law and you become a lawyer; Feed your mind with nonsense and you soon become a nuisance.

Have a splendid week filled with the Grace of God and update your mind with Gods word and the right information-


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