10 Nigerian Celebrities That Died Before The 2nd Half Of 2017

10 Nigerian Celebrities That Died Before The 2nd Half Of 2017

SO SAD! 10 Nigerian celebrities who died before the second half of 2017.

Nigerian celebrities dying before the second half of 2017 - The Nigerian entertainment industry is characterized not only by a large number of achievements, but also by a large number of losses. The death of these Nigerian celebrities rocked the entertainment industry at his heart at the time when each death had occurred. They are however remembered for the inheritances they left behind them.
We present a list of 10 Nigerian celebrities who died so far in 2017.
Toyin Majekodunmi

1. Toyin MajekodunmiToyin also called Iya Kike, whose husband is also an actor, was the first incident of death that was recorded this year in the industry. Before entering her career in film, she worked with the Ministry of Information of the State of Lagos for many years. . She died on January 2, 2017 at the age of 61 years.

Prince James Uche

2. Prince James Uche
The veteran actor, Prince James Uche reportedly died after a long battle with diabetes and kidney disease. He had been sick for eight years of kidney transplant and ocular surgery, high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney failure. He abandoned the ghost two days after he was removed to go to India for surgery.

Pastor Ajidara

3. Pastor Ajidara
Actor Adesina Adesanya, popularly known as 'Pastor Ajidara', struggled against kidney failure and died a few days after it was revealed that he was sick. Adesanya has acted in films such as: "Agbeku abela" (2009) and "Ologbo Iya Ijebu" (2007).

Olumide Bakare

4. Olumide Bakare
The thespian and a force to be taken into account in the industry died after beating long-term with respiratory disorder Bakare, a veteran actor of the Nigerian film industry, died on April 22, 2017.

Moji Olaiya

5. Moji Olaiya
Moji Olaiya is the most recent actor in Nollywood who died on ... two months after giving birth to her daughter in Canada. She suffered a cardiac arrest before her death.

Eric Arubayi

6. Eric Arubayi
West Africa Idol star and the best Nigerian gospel artist, late Eric Arubayi jnr. Died on Saturday, February 11, 2017 at the University Hospital of Delta State after fighting a disease.

Royhillz Edozie

7. Royhillz Edozie
Royhills Edozie, CEO of Lagos Fashion Awards and Most Beautiful Girl in Lagos was diagnosed with a perforated ulcer and recovered before he found himself. He died on 30 January and is only 28 years old.

8. Nengi FineCountry
Nengi Finecountry is a journalist attached to African Independent Television, who died on Sunday, May 7th.

Modupe Oyekunle

9. Modupe Oyekunle
Nunlywood's quick actress Modupe Oyekunle died in May after giving birth to her third child, a surviving little girl.

Supo Dosunmn

10. Supo Dosunmn
The popular American show promoter, Supo Dosunmu and CEO of unique promotions who took Dbanj and Don Jazzy on their first major tour. Several years of return died on Monday, January 16, 2017 in the United States.


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