8-week-old baby sentenced to death by European Court

8-week-old baby sentenced  to death by European Court
8-week-old baby sentenced  to death by European Court
Charlie, an eight-week-old baby was sentenced to death by a European Court of Human Rights.

In supporting the appeal of British doctors who reported the matter by saying it would be more kind to let Charlie die, the court issued its verdict on a human rights case that will require a couple to allow their baby Sick of dying.

The parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, were involved in a long legal battle to rescue Charlie, after being diagnosed with a syndrome of mitochondrial DNA depletion, a serious genetic disease.

Charlie is currently helping life, since only one of the 16 babies around the world suffers from a currently incurable disease.

Doctors are developing treatments for various mitochondrial disorders, including the nucleoside treatment to which Charlie's parents are fighting.

Chris Gard and Connie Yates were suing to determine whether, as parents, they had the right to continue to provide medical treatment for their son or if he was to be dead.

The parents of the 10-month-old baby want the court to allow them to use a drug that saves lives of the United States on their son. The Gards believe that the drug (which is still experimental) would help the genetic condition of his son rather than allow him to die as doctors have recommended, according to Daily Post.

However, a court ruling yesterday ruled that the parents' request was "inadmissible". The court stated that the baby was exposed to pain, suffering and distress as a result of unsafe treatments. He added that any further treatment would continue to harm the baby, stressing that his decision is "final."

The EHRC also abolished the interim measure to maintain the support of Charlie's life.

A spokesman for Great Ormond Street Hospital, where Charlie has been treated since October, told parents that there was "no rush" to suppress support for Charlie's life, adding that " Any future treatment will involve careful planning and discussion ".

The hospital said that although there is a deadline for Charlie, they would not have to follow it exactly. Discussion and planning will take a few days.


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