African footballer’s tanned picture on fire

African footballer’s tanned picture on fire, entertainment news
African footballer’s tanned picture on fire, entertainment news
This is clear evidence of China’s scorching hot summer days. Over the last two days, Chinese netizens just cannot stop laughing at a picture of a footballer of Cameroon origins who got tanned in China.

The hilarious photo captured French player Stephane M'Bia, who is currently playing in the Chinese Super League, with a shocking face while lifting his jersey to show the distinguishable tan line on his shoulder.

Ding Haifeng, M'Bia’s teammate at Hebei China Fortune Football Club, posted this picture along with a screenshot of the real-time temperature readings standing at 42.5 degrees Celsius during their training, joking that “you should have been tanned!”
The picture soon went viral online, and incurred many funny comments.

“The African player must be thinking about going back home for summer now,” commented a Sina Weibo user named @oushanguanfangweibo.
“It will attract more foreigners to China for sunbathing,” another user named @nizhegeyangzirangwohenchouchang said.
“Why doesn’t Fortune Club buy their players sun cream,” a user named @zhaoAmi joked.

A large part of China is baking under a scorching heatwave this week, as maximum temperatures in 31 counties and cities in Xinjiang, Ningxia, Gansu, Shaanxi and Sichuan have hit record highs. North China’s Hebei Province, where M'Bia is based, has experienced many days of extreme heat, with temperatures hovering between 35 and 43 degrees Celsius.


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