Amazon founder Jeff Bezos overtook Bill Gates as the world's richest man on Thursday

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos overtook Bill Gates as the world's richest man on Thursday
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos overtook Bill Gates as the world's richest man on Thursday
The founder of the Amazon Jeff Bezos became on  Thursday the richest person in the world, as a jump in the share price of the US tech giant enabled him to overtake Microsoft founder Bill Gates, a new estimate showed.

Forbes magazine said its real-time tracking of personal fortunes showed Bezos with a net worth of 90.5 billion US dollars, ahead of Gate's $ 90 billion net value on Thursday.

A few hours later, Bezos had returned to second place while the shares of the Amazon had decreased slightly.

Bezos holds approximately 17 percent of Amazon's equity, which has advanced from its initial mission as an online retailer to a diversified technology company in cloud computing, online video, computer hardware and intelligence artificial.

The company recently announced its intention to buy American grocery stores Whole Foods, which could help Amazon's expansion in this sector.

Amazon stocks rose 1.7% to $ 1,070.72 and increased 24% in the last four months, adding about $ 17 billion to Bezos' 53-year-old net worth.

According to Forbes, Gates was the richest person in the magazine's annual ranking in March for the past four years and for 18 of the past 22 years. The Mexican telecommunications magnate, Carlos Slim, surpassed Gates from 2010 to 2013.

Among the billionaires who are gaining ground, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who estimates about $ 71.3 billion according to Forbes' real-time estimate.

While most of Bezos' wealth is in the Amazon, it also owns the private space firm Blue Origin and the Washington Post newspaper.

Forbes pointed out that Gates could have been considerably richer without having given more than $ 30 billion to philanthropic causes over the years.

Bezos donated about $ 100 million, but recently asked users on Twitter for ideas for charitable donations that could impact the world.

The billionaire was particularly opposed to Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, but after the election he seemed to give a boost to the new president by announcing that Amazon would add 100,000 new American jobs over 18 months.

Trump did not spare Bezos' criticism of the critics, which apparently reiterated claims that he bought the newspaper to divert the attention of regulators in the Amazon.
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos
"So many stories about me in the @washingtonpost are Fake News," Trump tweeted this week.

"Is Fake News Washington Post used as a lobbyist weapon against Congress to prevent politicians from looking at Amazon's monopoly without taxes?"

Bezos seemed to want to spend more time in the US capital, buying what is probably the largest private residence in the city for $ 23 million.

Under the Bezos property, the Washington Post announced that it was profitable in 2016, after making a series of investments in new technology and personnel.

With Amazon, Bezos is known for having a long view. The company has lost money for many years and offers even more profits than many of its competitors, snatching money from new investments.


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