American Muslims more worried since Trump took office

American Muslims more worried since Trump took office

Since the inauguration of President Donald Trump, the majority of American Muslims say they feel they are subject to greater discrimination because of their religious beliefs.

The results of a new Pew Research report stem from questions posed to US Muslims between the inauguration of Trump in January 2017 and May.
Although two-thirds of American Muslims said they were dissatisfied with the direction the US was headed, the vast majority (80 percent) said they were satisfied with the projection of their own lives.

The increasing level of concern within the American Muslim community is the first year of Trump's presidency. Seventy-four percent of respondents believe that Trump is hostile to Muslims, compared with 64 percent of those interviewed in 2011 who believed that Obama was extremely friendly to Muslims.

During his first week of presidency, Trump signed the travel ban in seven Muslim-majority countries, which also proposed to block Syrian refugees from entering the United States. The order and ability to implement it have been challenged in US courts.

Over the past year, 48 percent of US Muslims reported experiencing some sort of discrimination based on their religion, according to the study.
In an era of increased surveillance in the name of national security in the United States, 15% of US Muslims say they are very concerned that the government is monitoring their phone calls or e-mails because of their religion.

However, despite the increase in cases of discrimination, 49% of Muslim Amerindians reported receiving support from others because of their religion over the past year. In the same vein, the report showed that 89 percent of Muslims say they are proud to be American and Muslim.


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