Traffic: The One Thing All Lagosians Agree On

Traffic: The One Thing All Lagosians Agree On

There are many things happening in Lagos but the one thing that every single person can relate with and agree on is spending time sitting, breathing and living in Lagos traffic

Other countries experience things like tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and other epic natural disasters but in Lagos, our undisputed champion is TRAFFIC (aka Hold Up, Traffic demons)

I sincerely believe that the traffic is a demon just waiting for either dark clouds to show up or for one car to only slightly brush another to strike.

What amazes me most is how on getting to the ‘source’ of it, you find nothing there. Absolutely nothing. It’s almost like something drew a line across and marked one side ‘traffic zone’ and the other ‘free zone’ (I’ll definitely write more on this and post it next Friday)

Of course there are other sources of traffic in Lagos like flooding, serious accidents and elections. But no matter the cause, being inside it is bad all the same.

What inspired this post was the terror that happened last Friday before the local government elections on Saturday the 22nd.


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